Registrants - Details Record

Rotary Club Of Taipei Asiaeast

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No. Ref ID Participant Name Badge Name Rotarian (Rtn) Rtn+Sp Luncheon Golf Payment
1.2020SRI-2WVBYChi MaSpeaker00Online/CC
2.2020SRI-PRSCEShu Chieh LaiCoco00Online/CC
3.2020SRI-UPY5HYa Ling ChiuPhoenix00Online/CC
4.2020SRI-F34Z8Ting Tse WangChase00Online/CC
5.2020SRI-B7FWWKUEI-Mei LIAOMay00Online/CC
6.2020SRI-QFQRMYa Wen ChiuYawen00Online/CC
7.2020SRI-GFE7SChang Teng ChiuRaymond00Online/CC
8.2020SRI-RUGTACHIA-HUI LinHelen00Online/CC

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